Currumbin Valley

Currumbin Valley

Palms in Currumbin ValleyJust beyond the beach is Currumbin Valley

If you just want to get out into the hinterland without travelling to Springbrook or the Numinbah Valley just take a drive down to Currumbin and head up Currumbin Creek Road (Scenic Route 98) and within minutes you are in the lush hinterland.

This is a magical location for visitors and locals and I know for a fact that many haven’t been along this road for a drive in a while.
There is a lot of history attached to this place, its ridges were covered in Banana Plantations.

There is a wildness to Currumbin Valley it still hasn’t been completely tamed and hopefully never will.
Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, what can you see other than a beautiful scenic drive?

 What can we expect to find

Along Currumbin Creek Road are many local businesses that offer invitations to enter from Gardens, Roadside Stalls, Art and Craft and a few Cafes, its always nice to stop and check them out you never know what you will find, this is part of the adventure of touring the hinterland. However many are only open on the weekend.


The Ecovillage is well worth a visit, they do have tours for those interested in seeing how a sustainable community operates and can be designed. However just a drive through the area will give you an idea of the layout, it’s quite a diverse place. The architecture is fascinating and you can finish your self drive tour with a coffee in the ‘Three Figs Cafe’. Who knows maybe this is the lifestyle you are looking for.

Currumbin Rock Pool

Currumbin Valley Rock Pool

The Rock Pool has been a favourite spot for picnicking and swimming for decades, a good place to stop and take some photos. The cool green water is inviting but best visited during a weekday when the area is quiet.

Currumbin Valley

The property to the right is very pretty with all the trees, so don’t forget to turn around.The location is full of mystic stories from the rock pool being bottomless to underwater caves. There are no life guards here so take care if you decide to go for a swim.
During the warmer months Currumbin Rock Pool can become very busy, a wonderful spot to visit, bring a picnic or have a BBQ under the covered area.

Currumbin Valley Harvest

Currumbin Valley Harvest is my favourite place in Currumbin Valley, it’s only open on weekends from 7.30 am -12 .00 pm check this number for times; 07 5533 0309

Currumbin Valley Harvest Cafe

They sell organic vegetables and juices; however the attraction for me is in the atmosphere of this rustic place. You can wander amongst the raised covered vegetable gardens.

Currumbin Valley Fruit

There are tables with a variety of vegetables displayed and in every corner there is something of interest, an old birdcage, a vase or an unusual chair. I like to go there occasionally on the weekends just to have tea and biscuits, it’s got an old world charm that you just don’t see very often and the couple who run it are just lovely.

How to get to Currumbin Valley

Springbrook National Park – Currumbin Valley

Cougal Cascades Currumbin ValleyCurrumbin Creek Road ends with the Springbrook National Park Mount Cougal Section.

This is a beautiful spot and so cool during a hot summer day.

The cascades are quite beautiful especially if we have had a wet season. Last time I visited they were still repairing some of the Lookout Platforms, but nonetheless you can still see the view.

It’s around a 1km walk to the Old Saw Mill and worth the effort to see the old equipment still standing after all these years.

The pathway is wide and suitable for a stroller.

Descriptive Plaques, outlining the unique history of the Yugambeh People, the Timber-Getters and the early settlers, line the track..

Time to take a scenic drive through Currumbin Valley.Did you know that you can access the Numinbah Valley from this location.

Check out the Numinbah Valley




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