Have Some Gold Coast Fun – Take a Bush Walk in Your Local Park

You don’t have to travel to the Gold Coast Hinterland for a bushwalk. Just pack your lunch and grab your water bottle and hat and head for one of the parks featured on the Gold Coast Parks website.

 It’s just like being in the hinterland without negotiating the winding roads.Palm Beach Parklands

When most people think of a park they visualise a large grassed area with a children’s playground a few benches to relax and perhaps an area set aside for exercising your dog all this is true.

But this isn’t totally accurate…

There are a number of ‘parks’ and many green spaces right here on the coast where you can enjoy a ‘real bush walking experience’ minutes from the beach, with the rainforest meeting the sea or creek just like North Queensland.

You can have plenty of Gold Coast fun at your local park

These parks and reserves offer diverse activities from fishing, boating, hiking and even horse riding, why go on holiday when you have such a variety of choices right here on the Coast.

All it takes is a bit of planning and some knowledge of where to go.

If transport is an issue in many cases you can catch a bus to some of these areas. Yes careful planning is involved but isn’t that part of the adventure?

Holidaying overseas you would prepare for a days outing, why not be a tourist for a day here and plan a bush walk on the coast in your local park.

Prepare for Hiking in the Hinterland The Gold Coast City Council Ranger educates the public

Many of the bushland reserves afford you an ideal opportunity to build your experience, confidence and stamina and a wonderful introduction to bush walking, in addition appreciation of the natural bushland areas the Gold Coast has to offer.

With that in mind scroll down to the bottom of the page and see which park you would like to take your bush walk in they are all quite diverse some with beaches, others border Mangroves and pristine Estuary waterways.

Take a bush walk in one of the Gold Coast’s Parks or Nature Reserves without driving into the hinterland…

If you interest falls in any of the following categories the local parks will be for you..

  • Bird watching
  • Wildlife
  • Short walks
  • Plant identification
  • Marine life
  • Wetlands
  • Mangrove Boardwalks
  • Outing for the kids
  • Building an appreciate of the ecologically significance of public spaces

Burleigh Headland bush walkTake care to treat the area with respect

Although by visiting one of these parks you are never too far from the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast, don’t be fooled into getting complacent about the location.

These areas required the same respect as our World Heritage Listed National Parks.

  • Depose of your rubbish in bins provided or take it with you
  • Don’t wander off the walking trails, don’t take short cuts
  • Respect the fauna and flora
  • Keep your dog on a leash if required
  • Wear a hat and take water and don’t forget the sunscreen

Don’t be deceived a hat, water and sunscreen are just as important here. Dehydration can happen very quickly during a Queensland summer.

Where to go to find a Park

A Guide to Gold Coast Parks
Tallebudgera Conservation ParkThis is a lovely walking track along the Tallebudgera Estuary, unfortunately at the time of writing the Koala Park entrance track is limited to 100metres. Read more..click here A small sandy beach exposed - Tallebudgera Conservation walking track
David Fleay Boardwalk
 David Fleay Boardwalk
Unfortunately at this point the complete walking track still isn’t completed. You can access the Koala Park entrance but can only walk around 100metres. But still worth the look! David Fleay Park is the best option were you have a beautiful boardwalk through the mangroves.Read more…click here
Trees look like pieces of art..
Burleigh Ridge Park
Burleigh Ridge ParkWhat’s interesting about this Greenspace and it’s cultural heritage is the network of tracks that criss cross the ridge. Read more…click here Springbrook plateau
Burleigh Headland National Park
Burleigh Headland Park
A variety of landscapes & seascapes. Within minutes you can be in tropical rain forest or viewing the Gold Coast in both directions from an elevated vantage point without paying a cent!
Read More click here
Burleigh Headland, Surfers Paradise to the north
Berree Badalla Boardwalk
Berree Badalla Boardwalk..This is a unique area with prolific birdlife and crustaceans where people come to walk their dogs and enjoy that environment on an unobtrusive boardwalk amongst the mangroves..Read more..click here Beree Badalla Boardwalk
Tarrabora Reserve and Palm Beach Parklands
Tarrabora Reserve..Features an abundance of native plants which have been left largely to their own devices. However with the increase of foot traffic this could present some problems down the track.Read more.. click here Tarrabora Reserve
Tugun Conservation Area
Tugun Conservation

The area is a little bit of hinterland just off the Pacific Motorway at Tugun Heights. An ideal location to get the feel of the bush without traveling along winding roads. Read more click here...
Small patch of rainforest on Tugun Hill
Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens
Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens
The road winds around to a parking area and straight in front is a lagoon that belongs on a cover of a picture book, that’s how I saw it on my first visit.
Read more…
 Like a picture book cover
Elanora Wetlands
Elanora Wetlands
If bird watching or photography is your thing you will love this walk. There are plenty of opportunities for both activities. Read more…
Elanora Wetlands
Federation Walk Coastal Reserve
Federation Walk Coastal Reserve
The rustic trail meanders around She Oaks and through pockets of rainforest and groves of Macaranga trees. Read more…
Federation Walk
Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve
Eddie Kornhauser Recreational ReserveAround 8 kilometres of concrete walking paths, bike riding, walking, running and exercising your dog. A quiet area away from the bustle of the coast but only a few minutes from 19th Ave Shops and The Pines Shopping Centre. Eddie Kornhauser Recreational Reserve
Schuster Park
Schuster Park a place worth a visitThink of sweeping green lawns, stately gums, wide open spaces where your dog can run like the wind and Wetlands.There is a bush walking track around the Island but be aware of snakes. Tall Gums Schuster Park

Coombabah Lakes Boardwalk

Coombabah BoardwalkThis walk is best described as a combination of urban walking and scenic views. I have walked this boardwalk before but accessed it from one of the retirement villages that border Hansford Road. Read more… Coombabah Boardwalk Entrance
Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area
Coombabah LakelandsWhile walking the Coombabah Boardwalk, I wondered how I could access the opposite bank, the bird-life seemed to be prolific on the southern bank of Coombabah Creek, their melodious songs almost hypnotic, and that’s how I saw it on the day. Read more… Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Palm Beach Parklands
Forest Walk – Currumbin Wildlife Park

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