Storm reveals all

I enjoyed an early morning walk around Burleigh Headland this morning and it was picture perfect! One thing that was very noticeable was the affects of the storm we had over the Australian Day long weekend.

Picture perfect Burleigh
I didn’t notice any trees down along the track, but I’m sure they have long since been removed. What was obvious was how light it was, light was streaming down through the exposed tree canopy this was because many of the trees had been denuded, and all their leaves were down on the track or long since blown away.

It revealed many hidden aspects of the headland, the large basalt boulders which we are all familiar with were totally exposed… no camouflage, revealing every angle to public view.If you only walk the area once in a while you probably wouldn’t notice. However if you are a regular walker you already know.
The headland’s origin are open to scrutiny littered with volcanic six sided columned boulders, precariously dumped together with only their sheer weight keeping them stable.
Walking track

Burleigh View Lookout, where you take a short detour on the way down from the Rain Forest Circuit is particularly open, and well worth a visit. The photo below shows just how exposed it now is.

Burleigh View
I encourage you to take a walk along the Ocean Track and the Rain Forest Circuit and see the headland as is, before the tree canopy closes back over and hides its secrets.


Check out this map on MapMyWalk: and follow the track I took on the course fly by video.

3.2 miles or 5.16kmwalk on 14/02/13

Imagine what you could do if you had an SLR…If you are into photography and don’t mine taking a hike up the Rain Forest Circuit, there are now many gaps through the trees.

Reveal unseen views of the southern Gold Coast.

Let me add here you do have to have a camera with inter-changeable lens.
My Lumix Panasonic DMC-LX2 (4 years old and dropped twice) which I might add I love, does a great job.

In fact every photo in this blog has been taken with it, but it does have its limitation, I have no inter-changeable lens. 

This was the best I could do, but imagine the possibilities.

Views of the southern Gold Coast


Not sure where Burleigh Headland is?

Get your bearings here   >>>

View Burleigh Headland National Park Walk in a larger map


Well what are you waiting for, take a walk around Burleigh Headland this weekend and snap some ‘once in a storm photos’ and after stroll down from the headland for breakfast at Burleigh Village this is what I had for breakfast in Connor Street.


Until next time…

Experience the Gold Coast on foot….


Cafes Connor Street



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