David Fleay in threat of change

Looming changes for David Fleay Wildlife Park

An article in the Gold Coast Sun reporting moves for creating a closer link with David Fleay Wildlife Park and Currumbin Sanctuary is of concern.

The article goes to report the dwindling numbers of visitors compared to Currumbin Sanctuary. Article from Gold Coast Bulletin

One thing is correct David Fleay Wildlife Park doesn’t have the backing of a marketing machine to drive numbers. This park was entrusted to the government for the people of the Gold Coast to keep the dream that David Fleay had alive.

Conservation and research of Australian animals in a unique environment was his intention.

My personal concern is that the essence of this park could change. It is an authentic Australian Experience with Australian wildlife in a natural environment.

Not being born in Australia maybe I look at this in a different light, it reminds me of when we first came here, the smells, the plants, the unique wildlife, this fascinating place called Australia!

Yes it undoubtedly requires some injection of money and marketing, to make it more profitable and commercially viable but let’s not forget it belongs to us.

This was my personal experience when I visited David Fleay last year, read about  it here…

Feeding the crocs daily

David Fleay the gentleman… Read about it here…

Holding a baby platypus


Let’s keep David Fleay Wildlife Park a unique place for locals and tourist interstate and overseas, where they can come and feel and see the essence of this country.

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  1. Hi there

    Agree with your summation of Fleays Wildlife Park. Would like to see the real Aussie authenticity remain here – appears that Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is becoming more and more of a big money making machine with much funds being directed to expanded office salaries whilest the wildlife carers/staff are becoming overworked with little pay. The Wildlife Hopsital does fantastic work and requires lots of funding and this funding comes in with a lot of overseas tourists. However, the park is being outpriced for the average Aussie to come along with his family which is such a shame. If Fleays can stay small, manage upgrades, do more advertising, more fundraising, I am sure it can become profitable and remain an Australian icon – think advertising is the key especially in schools etc. Fleays has always been “animals come first” philosophy with research and conservation – a merger with Currumbin is definitely of concern……
    and Fleays has the platypus!
    D. Smith

    • Thanks Deirdre for your comments, I would like to see Fleays Wildlife Park return to it’s former glory with the ‘animals come first’ philosophy remaining the way that David Fleay intended.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. Fleays Wildlife Park is such a peaceful, inspiring, interesting oasis amidst the Gold Coast morass! It seems a shame that someone hasn’t come up with some kind of incentive for the big developers (with money oozing out of their pores) t0 sponsor a small section of the Park – they could gain community kudos for their “green” credentials & perhaps even increase their own clientele base.

    • Anne I haven’t checked out what is going on there for a while. I know there a plans, maybe it’s time for a visit and see if they have any plans displayed.
      Thanks for your comments..

  3. thank you for your very special article…when my father started the then Fauna Reserve the admission price was 2 and 6 for adults and 6d for Children…..25 cents and 5 cents. The Fauna Reserve was very popular with the locals and people would travel from Brisbane to spend much of the day there. It housed the largest private collection of Australian Fauna “anywhere”…My father would have frowned on “over-commercialisation” and when he signed over his Fauna Reserve to the Queensland Government the understanding was that it be kept this way. My sister Rosemary Fleay – Thomson is hoping that the Wildlife Parks authority will establish an interactive museum be set up at the Wildlife park displaying the work and devotion of David Fleay. There would be plenty to fill such a museum such as Paintings, photographs,books, movie film and news reports….thank you for your wonderful website Stephen Fleay Rio de Vide Portugal….

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment Stephen, I do hope a Museum is built, your father is part of Gold Coast history and his work with Australian native animals. I was reading recently a book by Bob Irwin – ‘The Last Crocodile Hunter’ he mentions your Dad with fond memories. I don’t remember personally your Dad, but my father who is 92 yrs mentions how he use to go to Miami Glass and get his glass cut for his exhibits. He remembers what an old school gentleman he was. 🙂

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