Burleigh Ridge Park

Burleigh Ridge ViewsHave you been here lately?

We are all familiar with Burleigh Headland National Park, but few know about Burleigh Ridge Park, including myself.

This is the start of the green belt to Springbrook; Burleigh Ridge is adjacent to Burleigh Headland National Park. (See the map below).

What’s interesting about this Greenspace and it’s cultural heritage is the network of tracks that criss cross the ridge.

These walking tracks are tucked away between homes and the shops hidden from view.

There are four access points to this park and all reveal a different aspect of this Greenspace.

Four access points to Burleigh Ridge Park

  • Tabilban Street and Reserve Road (gate at the top of the hill)
  • Marjorie St Henry (MBE) Park Tabilban Street
  • Gold Coast Hwy Burleigh Heads (Opposite Peggs Road see map below)
  • Corner of George & West Streets Burleigh Heads, driveway between Allconnex water storage tanks)

A Hidden Gem

I must confess I wasn’t aware of this network of walking tracks; many times I have driven up Tabilban Street taking the shortcut to Stockland Burleigh Heads and wondered about the Bushland on the right. However it wasn’t till I saw Council Workers working on the entry point at Tabilban Street at the top of the hill and I noticed the gate.

Area in rejuvenation

Steps to track network Burleigh RidgeBurleigh Ridge is undergoing change, there are programs in place to rid (keep under control) this Greenspace, one of the largest in the Gold Coast Region of common household plants that wreak havoc with our native environment. See Gold Coast Parks for more information.

The whole park is undergoing rejuvenation with some trees only a few decades old and some 150 years plus.

There are a couple of spots on the track where through the tree line you have views of Palm Beach and Springbrook Plateau, however these fleeting vistas will be short lived once the ridge returns to its former beauty.

The Park supports substantial wildlife considering the close proximity to urban development, so when you observe the sign on the Gold Coast Hwy that warns about Koalas take note.The Gold Coast City Council Ranger educates the public

  • Sugar Gliders
  • Possums
  • Koalas
  • Pythons
  • Bearded Dragons
  • Parrots

Stop from time to time and look up into the tree canopy, there are Koalas in this park and you may be privileged to see one.


Network of Walking Tracks

The network of tracks are easy going with the exception of two areas that will require sure footedness and exertion.
There are a considerable number of steps at the Gold Coast entry/exit point; keep in mind if you are undertaking the return journey you will have to retrace your steps and walk up them again.
If you decide to take the path less travelled, the steep track up to George Street Burleigh Heads take care its slippery and there are a lot of loose stones.

But it’s worth it!

Burleigh Heads – George Street Access

If you are in good physical condition and are a seasoned bushwalker taking this track to the top of the ridge will not be a problem, take care it is slippery after rain and there are many stones and rocks to negotiate.
At the top of the ridge you come out at Allconnex water storage depot.

Walk down the asphalt driveway and to your left onto a mowed grassed area and beautiful views of Springbrook Plateau, the day I was there the Japanese sunflowers Tithonia diversifolia (they are a weed) framed the photo beautifully.

Burleigh Ridge Walk
George Street offers some stunning views of the northern Gold Coast, if you have the right camera with a telescopic lens you can capture a different perspective of the Gold Coast. You can actually plan a day hiking in Burleigh Heads check out the details by clicking this link…

View on top of Burleigh Ridge

Burleigh Village


Still feeling energetic, like a coffee, breakfast or lunch take a quick diversion… a walk down to Burleigh Village below, there is an abundance of Cafes to choose from.

However think carefully about this, remember you have to come back up that hill and if it’s summer I don’t recommend it, more than likely you have parked your car on the other side of Burleigh Ridge.
If you decide to visit Burleigh Village below and your transportation is on the other side of the ridge you have a couple of options:

  • Catch a cab especially if it’s a warm day back to the car.
  • Take the bus back, to the Gold Coast Hwy access point or Stocklands Burleigh Heads Shopping Centre.

Do your homework and plan your walk before hand check the Google Map below. The key is planning your day, and making it a bit of an adventure!

Where is Burleigh Ridge Park?

There are four access points, check the map for details and plan your visit.


View Burleigh Ridge Park in a larger map


Points of interest

At the Gold Coast access point there is a grave site, Emily Elizabeth West and her young son Thomas William West both drowned in March 1922 in Tallebudgera Creek while holidaying at Burleigh Heads. The whole account is quite sad to read, with both young children being lost including the mother Emily Elizabeth West after Mr. West hired a flat bottom boat to fish on Tallebudgera Creek for the day. The account goes on to say that it was a running tide and Mr West threw out the anchor and it snagged and overturned the boat, all four were thrown into the water at the mouth of Tallebudgera Creek. Mr West was the only one to survive this tragic event.

Grave site at Gold Coast Hwy entry to Burleigh Ridge Park

Facilities No toilets or drinking water
Transport Bus Stop on the Gold Coast Hwy and Stocklands BurleighHeads (walk back to Tabilban Street)
Attire Sun Hat, sunscreen, water and wear suitable shoes

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