Burleigh Headland National Park a walk for locals and tourists!

Vista of Palm Beach Gold CoastBurleigh Headland National Park Walk

The southern end of the Gold Coast feature’s such a variety of landscapes & seascapes.

Within minutes you can be in tropical rain forest or viewing the Gold Coast in both directions from an elevated vantage point without paying a cent!

Just a little sweat and exercise…. Burleigh Headland National Park has become a very popular walk over the last few years, especially for serious runners and walkers.

The Headland features a variety of terrains which excite those who want to get fit or maintain their fitness level.  So watch out for runners they come up quick and flash by before you can turn around.

     Access points

  • Southern access is near Tallebudgera Bridge, just south of Jellurgul information centre
  • Northern access is from the top of Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads

  • Rainforest circuit – 2.3km return
  • Ocean view walk – 1.3km one way
     Take with you..

  • Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent and a bottle of water.

The best of both worlds!

A walk around the Headland will give you the best of both worlds, a good workout on the rainforest circuit even if you a taking your time. The lower circuit is a much gentler on the body and the best one to take if you are not up to pushing yourself. Remember to take a bottle of water with you.

Keep in mind where you are…this is a place sacred

Burleigh Headland (Jellurgul) was and still is a sacred place to the Kombumerri people, along with other sites like Little Burleigh  (Jebbribillum), both headlands were extremely important places for harvesting food and water.

There is a shell mound still visible from the ocean circuit where the upper trail forks, this is testament to past activity of the Kombmerri people. The account of how Big Burleigh  (Jellurgul) was created is fascinating and will only enhance your visit to this beautiful location.

When you are at Tumgun Lookout you are standing on the top of Jellurgul, imagine how wild and majestic this location was two hundred years ago before the Europeans came. Click here to find out about taking a tour of Jellurgul

Where is Burleigh Headland?

Headland’s location check out the access points on this Google map.

View Burleigh Headland National Park Walk in a larger map


Ocean View Circuit (1.3km one way) from Tallebudgera Creek access point

Following the track from the southern entrance you will have breathtaking Tallebudgera Creek on your right and eventually come to a fork in the road, continue on this track you will hug the Headland and follow the ocean circuit.

A nice walk featuring plenty of shade and not too taxing on the body. Take a right and follow the path onto Echo Beach a nice secluded spot which is beautiful earlier in the day but you will be disturb as the day advances. This is a favourite spot for photo shoots.

Continuing along the ocean circuit there are unique rock formations to see and you will be entering a dry forest. On a quiet day you may see ‘water dragons’ perched on top of boulders and brush turkeys eagerly scratching the ground. The track then bursts out into a spectacular view on your right of Tallebudgera Creek’s mouth and Palm Beach.

View of Palm Beach from Burleigh Headland WalkViews of the Mouth of Tallebudgera Creek and Palm Beach

As you continue to follow the track around the hill you will be confronted by breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean black basalt rock formations with crashing waves.

And my favourite…. Pandanus groves these trees strategically placed as if by some well thought out landscaping plan, they embrace the shoreline and grip tightly to the sides of the hill.

People come from all over the world to walk this walk and it’s on our doorstep!

RainForest Circuit  (2.3km return)

  1. If you turn left at the fork on the ocean circuit and start to climb to see the most amazing view of the southern Gold Coast at Tumgun Lookout. The track meanders around and you will eventually have another choice, you can keep bearing right and go for that fabulous view . This does require a lot of energy but well worth the climb you will be not be disappointed! Tumgun lookout is world class with amazing views of Palm Beach, Tallebudgera Creek and the Gold Coast hinterland . A Bearded Dragon, sitting on a rock on the coastal track
  2. You may decide to take the left fork and hug the western aspect of Burleigh Headland National Park this is a path less travelled it features more of the dry forest and backs onto residential homes. Very picturesque and more likely to encounter wildlife….

Take a virtual walk around Burleigh Headland now!

All paths lead to the northern entrance and beautiful Burleigh Heads, at the northern entrance you will have to climb down around one hundred steps; I started to count them but got distracted, or go up depending on which entrance you start.

Time for breakfast!

After you have completed your walk, why not visit the many cafes at beautiful Burleigh Heads, it’s just a short walk down the hill towards the shopping centre. On the way you will be able to enjoy the beach.  My favourite spot for breakfast is ‘The Pantry’ great ‘Bircher Muesli ‘.

Have a great breakfast at Burleigh Heads

Click here for a PDF pictorial of Burleigh Headland walk to send to your overseas or interstate friends..


See you on my next walk at Burleigh National Park…

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  1. Hi, I do this walk most weekends, it’s my favourite spot on the Coast. I like how such a small national park is so diverse. I always stop to look out over the ocean just before the track goes into the section where the overhanging trees create a tunnel effect. The only thing I find sometimes is that it can be difficult to find a carpark at the top of the hill, if I can’t find one there I go around to the tallebudgera creek side.

  2. I’ve recently moved to the Gold Coast from Melbourne and have been looking for a decent website for great walks. I have found it here! Thank you for all the wonderful posts, I am going to take advantage of the wonderful walks in this beautiful area ASAP!