Koala Story Book

Koala Story Book

Most people are fascinated by Koalas, with their thick padded tails wedged securely between a bough and the trunk of a tree, they sit all day long munching on their favourite leaves, dozing, glancing around occasionally to see what’s happening in the world below. They seem to have the life, not unlike a board rider bobbing gently up and down in a calm sea on a hot summer day… waiting for that elusive wave to come rolling in.


Joey looking at the valley below

But there is an ugly side to the koala’s life, they have some predators especially the young, however humans are their worst enemy, they are the ones that have brought additional predators into their world:

  • Loss of habitat
  • Road Construction
  • Vehicles
  • Housing Estates
  • Domestic cats & dogs
  • Introduced animals – foxes
  • The list goes on….

It’s odd how we have so many organisations and individuals that will go to great lengths to look after their welfare and some decision maker sitting in an office hundreds if not thousands of kilometres away can be their death sentence.

This isn’t new its been happening since the early settlers arrived…

Children’s Koala Story Books – Lillian Bell Books

While walking, occasionally I would see or hear Koalas in the trees above, particularly at Lakelands Coombabah. It started me thinking about the early days and what it would be like to be a young Koala in the 1850’s when their lives started to changed forever.

So with that in mind my imagination was ignited and I started to write under the pen name Lillian Bell and Joey emerged… Joey is the central character in these story books. A young koala living in the Gold Coast Hinterland in the 1850’s. I humanised him and named his parents, Gula & Colos. The first book in this series is called: ‘Gula & Colos Find a New Home’ Second: ‘The Rumbling Bush Monster’ Third: Where are the Christmas Bells. Fourth (End of November 2016)

Book Trailer – Gula & Colos Find a New Home

Four books in this series have been written and designed for children between the ages of 4-8 years, this is a wide range because even younger children can interact with the illustrations and a parent can modify the text.

Three books have been published with another one to be released at the end of November 2016


 Koala Book
 Book Two: The Rumbling Bush Monster Koala Story -Where are the Christmas Bells
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These Koala story books explore many of the early incidents that impacted on Koalas. At the end of the book links are provided for parents to explore the subject further with their children.

These are stand alone stories, a pieces of fiction, simple tales to amuse a child and hopefully a parent, or you can take it to the next level and discuss the changes to the world and environment where we live.

At the time of writing I have no affiliation with any of these organisation listed in any form, financial or otherwise.






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