Beree Badalla Boardwalk Damaged

Boardwalk will be Officially opened August 10

Boardwalk closed for repairs Good News Walkers! the boardwalk along Currumbin Creek named Beree Badalla Boardwalk at the Palm Beach side of the creek will open this weekend!.


During the Australia Day long weekend the storm front brought havoc and with it substantial damage to many parts of the Gold Coast. This included Beree Badalla Boardwalk where large sections of  the boardwalk were washed off their supports. It must have been some tidal surge to have done that.


The boardwalk has been in need of maintenance for a while; whole sections would bounce when even walking on it.

Repairs to Boardwalk required

 Check out this video which was taken just after the event at low tide.

You may notice that in the first part of the video you see a new section of boardwalk which was recently replaced. You can clearly see the new timber and it seems to have withheld the storm.

I haven’t checked the location in the last few days but I hope the repairs are swift; this is a much loved walking location by many locals including dog walkers who use the boardwalk to link with Palm Beach Parklands, along the gravel road. (Not through Tarrabora Reserve)

In fact on Australia Day I walked this boardwalk, which joins a network of walks along Currumbin Creek and Palm Beach and recorded it on MapMyWalk map opposite.

Click on the link below for full details and a ‘Course Fly-by Video the area’.


Check out this map on MapMyWalk: 4.52 mi 7.27km walk on 26/01/13
Distance: 4.52 mi

Palm Beach Parklands
 You may have to download Google Earth to view it, but it’s worth it!



I even created this ‘ infographic’, after walking in the pouring rain on Australia Day.

Never ever imagined it would be the last time I walked it for a while

Anyway I will keep you posted and please leave a comment and any updates you hear about any progress, it would be much appreciated by all.

Until next time…

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  1. The latest information I have had regarding the boardwalk is that it may be able to repaired with disaster recovery type funding from the state/federal governments but the GCCC won’t know for sure until May. Essentially it boils down to the actual classification of the boardwalk and the type of weather event that caused the damage, but the information that was passed on to me was fairly confident.

    Fingers crossed that the Queensland Recovery Authority is prepared to regard this as an essential public asset (eg equiv to a road for transportation) because usually recreational areas (parks/playgrounds etc) are exempt and it we would need to rely on council to find funding.

    • Thanks Susan for the update, I was going to phone the GCCC and see what was happening. The boardwalk is an important walking link and is used by many people everyday, so I hope repairs get underway soon. My feeling is that it needed maintenance before and the tidal surge just was the last straw. If you’re not on my subscribe list on this website, join… in the next couple of months I will have a new book out and there will be a promotion where you will be able to download it for free.

      Thanks again Susan and please let us know if you hear anything more, much appreciated.

  2. Further update to the boardwalk.

    Funding has been granted and I believe preliminary works are starting. However, repair will also involve replacing some of the pylons so it will still be several months before we can once again enjoy this beautiful spot.

      • Leanne, they are still doing repairs. Hopefully it will be opened mid August.I didn’t check it last weekend, but I will keep my eye on the progress.
        Thanks for your comment.

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