Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary not just for the Tourists

It’s been ten years since I have visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, and I still call it the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary a legacy from the days before 1995 when the name was changed to reflect the diverse animals on display.

Being a local I wanted to experience my visit to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary through the eyes of a tourist, so with my camera and video-cam in tow I set off for my day at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

I wanted to see the Sanctuary in the same light as someone coming from overseas.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary kangarooSometimes because we live in this country we can lose a little bit of the enthusiasm for the simple things like seeing bearded dragons scurrying past or hearing screeching parrots in the trees, we can almost become oblivious to their presence.

First exhibit was the Australia’s Green Cauldron, a three storey exhibit featuring freshwater crocodiles and turtles, venomous snakes and marsupials. The visitors in the exhibit seemed genuinely engrossed with the wildlife; the children in particular were intrigued with the glass walled displays.

The thing that struck me while walking up the ramp to the exhibit was the homes and units backing onto the Sanctuary, it would be interesting at night when it was dark and still to hear all the night noises coming from this unique place.

The Train at Currumbin Sanctuary

The train was my next focus, get on board and travel to the far end of this 27 hectares Sanctuary and work my way back. I felt like a kid again, a little boy in front was startled by the trains whistle and screamed out in a very loud voice… what was that!

Not sure what was in his little mind but he had a look of horror like he had just heard a T-Rex heading his way. I suppose it wasn’t really kind to laugh but sometimes the moment is unique and funny. (His parents were in stitches)

Time to see the Koalas

After disembarking the train, I headed for the Koala enclosure after all this is what most overseas tourists want to do. It was just magic, there were a number of females with their babies and surprisingly the babies were very active.

Like most young they wanted to play when the parents want to sleep.
Unfortunately I was on my own, no one to observe, but I just loved it. I took some video of the moment; one of the volunteer who help at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary arrived and added some interesting commentary.Baby Koalas at the Sanctuary

Forest Walk- Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

The Forest walk is a nice addition to the Wildlife Sanctuary, what I liked was it felt like the Australian bush, those who like Australian flora and fauna would appreciate this forest walk.

There is a small suspension bridge where only three people at a time can cross and a few other obstacles to make the walk a little more challenging.

High in the tree canopy are those taking the Green Challenge Adventure decked out in all their gear, negotiating the next rope course. The Forest Walk was worth doing just to be able to observe them high above you.

The Green Challenge Adventure looks like a lot of fun, towering above the sanctuary in this jungle like setting I am told there are around sixty five challenges including giant flying foxes you probably would feel a little like Tarzan.


What I really enjoyed was the wildbirds in the sanctuary not just the lorikeets, in the crocodile enclosure was a Peewee (Magpie-larks) with a nest in a pandanus tree just above the pool feeding her young. There were miner birds hungrily fossicking the blooms of a grevillea bush for food.

Everywhere unrehearsed shows were playing, including an abundance of dragons underfoot every shape and size you could imagine this would be a real live expeirence for visitors who had never seen one before.

Currumbin Accommodation

Currumbin offers a whole range of unique accommodation, from high rise right on the beach;

  • Pacific Parade, Currumbin Beach
  • Accommodation nestled in native bushland on the hillside, with views of Currumbin Estuary
  • Accommodation right behind the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Currumbin accommodation on Teemangum Street

This would be an attractive option for overseas visitors and those that wanted to experience the Australian bush without traveling into the Gold Coast Hinterland. There are lots things to do at Currumbin Beach is a quiet beach side location away from the hustle and bustle.


Around fourteen different shows the first starting at 8.00am and the final show at 4.30pm are featured, a full day out alone if you just stuck to attending the shows without checking out the rest of the sanctuary. You have….

Lorikeet Feeding
Magic & Mascot Show plus Animal Photo opportunities
Didgeridoo Show
Pelican and Eel Feeding
Cold Blooded Reptiles Show
Echidna Talk
Crocodile Presentation and Crocodile Photos
Kangaroo Feeding

The list goes on, I managed to kill around five hours and didn’t feed the kangaroo or attend any of the shows!
There are a number of cafes within the Sanctuary to grab a snack or you could arrange your day to have lunch in the main cafe area where the lorikeet feeding is, alternately there are lovely grassed areas to enjoy a picnic lunch.

Bring your walking shoes, insect repellent and hat…..

I was impressed with the place, keeping in mind that this is a Wildlife Sanctuary which reflects the essence of what is Australian in wildlife and provides a truly Australian experience for overseas visitors and Australians that haven’t got up close and personal…

Things to do on the Gold Coast

This wildlife sanctuary is a must if you are holidaying on the Gold Coast and it should be put on your list of things to do on the Gold Coast. If you do some research you probably will be able to get discount coupons.

There are a few places you can get Gold Coast discount coupons these sometimes are in the Tourists magazines and Tourist’s Guides you pick up at the airport or any Tourist Information Centre usually only a  10% discount. Other places will offer better discounts, put the phrase ‘Gold Coast discount coupons’ in Google and a whole heap of websites will come up check them out, print off the discount coupon and reap the reward. I paid full price wasn’t very savvy on the day, just wanted to go.

Some places to check out,

  • On the back of shopping dockets
  • Websites that deal in discount coupons (search term: ‘Gold Coast Discount Coupons’)
  • Local promotion in the media
  • Newspapers
  • Tourism information Centres

Where is Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

28 Tomewin Street
Currumbin Queensland Australia
8am – 5pm check Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for updates