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Experience the Gold Coast on foot…

This site is best described as a collection self-guided walks; it’s designed for people who love to experience a location on foot.

The writer who is “me” walks the location and then writes about the experience in real time, and hopefully encourages the reader to take the same walking tour.

The Gold Coast is a wonderful place to hike and the Gold Coast Hinterland is an area that shouldn’t be missed, there are a number of bush walking trails featured; Mount Cougal and Mount Warning to name a couple.

After all walking for pleasure is one of the joys of life.

All photos and video are taken on the day and used in each articled published. However sometimes due to inclement weather photos may come from the huge photo library available. (which I hoard on my hard drive)

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GC_BloggersBadge2015V1Interview with Hotel Club click here for details I had an opportunity to answer a number of questions about what I think are the best places and walks on the Gold Coast.

Below is an interview on 91.7 ABC Gold Coast FM

What will you get?

  • Someone who has actually walked the walk!
  • A commentary of the walk, keep in mind your experience maybe quite different
  • Location on Google maps where possible, so you can explore in detail the area and maybe come up with your own walking tour
  • Real time photos, video or a virtual walk via a slide show presentation
  • Unique content that isn’t information copied and pasted from another site
  • And most important you can plan a self-guided walking tour at home,before you come to the Gold Coast

 You have a visual taste of what you can expect and walks you can take on the Gold Coast, in your armchair at home, no matter where you live in the world.
So check out the articles and plan your adventure walking the Gold Coast today.

Currumbin Beach late afternoon

Camera Ready

You never know what you will see or capture while walking…

This photo to the left was taken from Currumbin Beach late afternoon at the Swell Sculpture Festival, another great event to build a walking holiday around.

The high-rises in the distance are Royal Palm Resort Palm Beach and Princess Palm on the Beach.



See you on my next walk…experience the Coast on foot